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Before you register to use the Thames Data system we would like to explain the process to you.

1. Register.

  • You only need to register once to use the Thames Data system regardless how many work groups you need to be a member of or applications you need to use.

  • The registration form will ask you for your contact details and ask what user ID and password you would like to use.

  • We will send you a test e-mail message so that we can be absolutely sure we have got your e-mail address correctly. (Privacy Policy)

  • When you receive the test message click on the link that is included within it to verify that you received it.

2. Log On.

  • Every time you use the system you will be asked to log in. This is to ensure that only you have access to your data.

3. Create A work group Or Be Invited To Join Another

  • The major benefit of our system is how it enables groups of people to work together so when you log in you will be asked to create a work group and then you will be able to invite others to join your group.

  • You may create several groups and also receive invitations to join other groups.


  • Nearly every page has a Quick Help and a Full Help link. Quick Help will tell you more about the page you are using and Full Help will tell you more about the system as a whole.

  • The Contact Us link can be used to ask us questions or to provide general feedback.

... And One Last Thing

  • The Thames Data system needs your feedback - what you like and what you don't like - this is how we can develop a system that you will want to use and recommend to others..


Click here to go to the registration form.


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Last modified - 3rd April 2006.