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It's all about communication...

... and working together ...

... ... and these days, more and more, it's with people in other companies and other countries.

Thames Data offers business solutions to help you work together as a tight knit team despite geography and the other things that separate you. (more)

Meetings ... Meetings ... Endless Meetings ...

Do you have regular project meetings - the type where actions get assigned and then you wait until the following week to find out what happened? We can help.

Our Project Actions Management system can help you work together. All the actions are shown on one on-line list so you are always reading from the same page. Couple this with the ability to update the list as work progresses and everyone is up to date the whole time.

This product is in final testing now and you can register and start using it right away.  (More)

Future Developments

Telecommunications Catalogue

Catalogue your network infrastructure, numbering and interconnections. Aimed at your legacy voice infrastructure and leading an easier path to VoIP when you decide to move forward.

Easy to use system that enables you to keep your customers updated on order progress.

Order Processing

A quick and straightforward order processing system that all your team can use - your manufacturers, vendors and distribution teams.

Network Management

Manage your network resources across your global network and share information with your facility managers and vendors.

Who are we?

We're different - we see things from your perspective and want to design and build systems you want to use.

It is so easy to get started with Thames Data - no software to buy or install, just sign up and start using it.

Go on, give us a try.


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